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Mold in Air Ducts: Everything You Need to Know

Mold in Air Ducts: Everything You Need To Know It’s only in recent decades that the level of awareness regarding the danger of mold in air ducts and on walls in homes and businesses has risen to where it is now. So it’s pretty much common knowledge now that black mold, in particular, is toxic. […]

Sewage Backup In Commercial Properties Risk & Prevention

Sewage backup can lead to a variety of different issues in commercial properties in Tempe. When facing sewage back up it is important to send in a professional team for them to deal with it. They have the proper tools and knowledge to get the job done properly. Backed-up sewage can cause leaking which can […]

Fire Damage Restoration Process in Tempe

Here at ASAP Restoration, fire damage can be a serious problem in Tempe, Arizona. Not only can it negatively affect your health and your finances. But it can leave your life in shambles. Having a house burned to the ground can be a dream-shattering experience and it can often leave you a shadow of your […]

What Is Biohazard Cleanup – What Arizona Residents Should Be Aware Of?

ASAP Restoration in Tempe, AZ, we know a thing or two about biohazards. They can be extremely dangerous and the typical person doesn’t know anything about them. This means they could be exposing themselves on a day-to-day basis without questioning it. Biohazards can negatively affect your health in ways you wouldn’t expect. It can cause […]