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Can I Paint Over Mold In My Arizona Home?

Mold in a home is a big issue and painting over mold in Tempe without treating it first isn’t going to solve the core issue. Here at ASAP Restoration, we know dealing with mold can be quite confusing if you don’t know exactly what you are doing. But simply covering up the mold such as painting over mold in Tempe, isn’t going to fix the underlying issue that it causes. It can still spread and cause an infestation in your home and lead to sickness. Inhaling the fumes from the mold is horrible for your health and causes life-threatening respiratory issues. You should avoid trying to cover up the mold completely. There is a much better course of action that you are suggested to take.

Here at ASAP Restoration, we specialize in getting rid of mold but not just painting over the mold in Tempe. The issue is that if you cover up mold it can still cause widespread chaos in your home. You have to fully get rid of it and then cover up the spot with paint. Doing this will ensure that you aren’t negatively affected and that your health doesn’t deteriorate due to mold and its effects. Calling in a professional cleaning team would be the best course of action for you to take in this situation. Not only will our team fix your problem but we have technology meant for this specific situation. Yes, there are DIY ways to get rid of mold, but if you want it done the correct way without the risk of it returning, your best investment is to get a professional team. If you decide to take the DIY route there are a plethora of concoctions on the internet you can use for your situation. You want to mix and match until you get the desired result.

If you are dealing with mold and you are thinking of painting over the spot in Tempe, DON’T! Chances are it has been there for a couple of days and it has already started to spread throughout the interior of your house and you just can’t see it. So covering up the spot would only throw a blanket over the actual problem at hand. The issues this would cause would leave you completely oblivious because you figured covering it up would solve the problem. So you would most likely chalk up your health issues to allergies or something of that sort. But there is a chance you can suffer a stroke and get major respiratory issues if you leave those problems untreated. It is best to keep your health and safety as your top priority, so you want to really assess the situation and make a proper decision.

The Professional Treatment Route Before Painting Over Mold in Tempe

If you hire a professional team such as ASAP Restoration in Tempe to deal with your mold issue, they will most likely need to run a test on the mold first. Running tests on the mold can help us prepare for the situation better because we know exactly what type of mold it is. This will stop us from being surprised during the operation or causing complications to pop up out of nowhere. After we test the mold we want to check the house all over to see where the source of the mold came from. If it was a leak we will fix it or if there was another issue that caused the water damage we will also take a look at that. We want to be sure that there isn’t an infestation in your home so we will assess your property to be sure nothing serious is going on.

If there isn’t an infestation we will properly remove the mold using our state-of-the-art technology and get rid of all traces of it. Prevent it from coming back and we will proceed to air out the water-damaged area. This way mold won’t just regrow and the cause of the mold will be fixed. We do this by using air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Depending on the situation we may bring out other tools that are a better fit. Once that is done we will sanitize your home to get rid of any bacteria or fungal spores that may have been left behind. We will also apply an antibacterial substance around your home to prevent new growth from showing up in the future.

Once all of that is done, we will look at your furniture and decide what is salvageable and what isn’t. Some things are better off being replaced due to the cost and the time it will take to restore them. With this in mind this entire process tends to take a while but it is better doing it this way to ensure the job is completed correctly. It is very important to remove any trace of mold growth before painting over mold in Tempe.

If you have any questions or concerns about painting over mold in your home in Tempe, don’t hesitate to reach out to our ASAP Restoration in Tempe today. We are more than happy to help you with your problems and want to ensure you are properly prepared for situations like this.

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