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How to Restore Water Damaged Properties

Many residential homes experience water damage as a result of either a plumbing failure, or an instantaneous flooding. While some water damages may be minor and unnoticeably small, other damages can be catastrophic and perceptibly huge.

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Remove Mold from Walls

Mold is fond of damp, moist and wet spaces. So wherever there’s abundance of humidity and moisture, you can count on mold to thrive in those places. Typically, they appear on ceilings, floors, and walls of homes, and can cause allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses like asthma if left untreated in extended periods of time.

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Mold-Damaged Drywall Repair

Mold in living spaces has not only caused structural damages to homes, but has caused health problems to many people, too. It grows in unobserved places like drywall, which make mold even more dangerous.

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Eliminate Black Mold from your Home

Molds growing indoors are never harmless. Not only do they cause structural damages, but they can also cause health issues such as sinusitis, asthma, and allergies to worsen. Black mold is the most infamous species of mold that thrives best after fungal growth on materials that have been damaged by water.

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Deal With Mold in Carpets

Moldy carpets are a challenge to clean. Not only does mold eats away the fibers of the carpet, it is also very difficult to dislodge. To make matters worse, having mold in your carpet can cause numerous health problems including throat or eye irritations, stuffy nose, wheezing, and even allergic reactions and lung complications.

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How to Remove Mold from Wood Surfaces

Wood easily soak up and retain water, making it prone to mold growth. When wooden furniture has mold, it gives off a musty odor and poses health risks to you and your family. Mold increases your chance of having allergic reactions and developing respiratory conditions such as asthma. So before it even permeates your lumber, trim, or furniture, make sure that you prevent it. Otherwise, you might have to hire a mold removal professional to treat it.

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