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In the aftermath of a pipe burst and flooding, mold can be costly to replace mold in your home or commercial building and be costly for the risk of your health and others. If you don’t treat this issue correctly, it can be the leading cause of respiratory infection and allergies. At ASAP Restoration, we strive to do our best in removing mold through the interior walls. 

When it comes to mold damage, you might think that only flooding would be capable of causing such a problem. However, the truth is much more complicated than this and there are many different factors involved in determining if your property has been affected by toxic molds or not! One major contributing factor could simply stem from too much humidity inside his walls which leads directly to problematic fungus growing on them over time due to both environmental conditions as well other things like water stains left behind after flood victims clean up their homes themselves without professional help

When you think about the damage that can be done by flooding, it’s hard not to worry. Flooding from pipes burst or storms in Arizona may sound like something outside your property but this type of event also poses serious risks for homeowners on both sides – inside and out! If left unaddressed with no repairs made soon enough then there is a higher chance mold will grow which could cause health problems when inhaled over time such as asthma attacks etc. 

Aspergillus is a type of fungus that can be found in many places, including food and home air conditioning systems. It’s also known to cause allergic reactions when inhaled or ingested by humans which makes it dangerous if you have sensitive skin because the infection could start there too!

Cladosporium is commonly found in the air, on foods, and objects. It can trigger allergic reactions or irritate your skin if you’re exposed to its spores which are microscopic slimy films that float around looking for an opportunity of landing on something susceptible such as food products without protection from this particular mold species’ natural enemies. 

The toxic mold Stachybotrys poses a serious health risk to anyone who comes in contact with it. Stringent safety measures such as the use of protective gear should be implemented when removing this hazardous material because the infection can occur through skin exposure or inhalation alone without any visual evidence detected by inspectors at first glance. It’s important for disinfection experts like us here on staff – who are trained specifically how to handle these situations properly to take care of not only our clients’ homes but also their own personal belongings. 


Our team at ASAP Restoration begins by doing a mold inspection. We will walk through the property and identify specific areas where we see signs of moisture, water damage, or potential leaks which may have led to this unfortunate situation in your home. Our experienced cleaners start with high growth areas such as interior living spaces, basements, attic & crawl spaces so you can rest assured knowing everything has been taken care of before it becomes an even bigger problem!

We pride ourselves on being able not only to diagnose what type of fungus caused these problems but also provide solutions for getting rid of them once and for all without costing too much money along life’s journey.

We may need to do sample testing in order for us to determine the type of mold that’s growing inside. The samples will be taken under a microscope and it could tell us more information about what specific kind is present; there are many different strains with various effects on humans, so this helps put our mind at ease because now we know how best to approach them should one arise!

When our team has finished reviewing lab results and toxicity levels, they prepare for removal. We use HEPA air scrubbers to cleanse your property of mold while wearing protective gear that is safe in removing it from inside homes or businesses properties like yours! You will need to evacuate the property during this process so our workers can work efficiently without any risk themselves if there were ever an emergency situation where one person had contact with hazardous material such as this case may happen when dealing directly face-to-face against cancerous substances. 

After all signs of mold are removed, our trained professionals will begin the process of restoring your property by removing all signs of mold. They’ll then rebuild an interior wall, put it back in its original condition, and make sure there is no visible trace or smell left behind from when you had problems before with this problem occurring again! We also importantly check air quality levels so that safety can be assured for both people living inside as well outside their homes if needed – but most importantly once drying has occurred we’re going to use industrial-grade chemicals on affected floors/walls which should kill any unwanted microbes hiding out among other things.


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