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Asbestos Removal – A Deadly Job

asbestos removal - a deadly job

There are many dangerous and even deadly jobs in the world. Asbestos removal or abatement is one of them. Exposure to asbestos can be dangerous not only for you or your family, but also for the asbestos removal technicians.

You will often see technicians wearing protective gear such as face masks, shoe covers, respirators, hard hats and full-body coveralls. Now even though the asbestos removal technicians will properly seal the workplace and shield it from the open air and outside world, and also put warning signs all over the place, this doesn’t mean that the abatement place is any safer for the technicians.

Even though asbestos can be incredibly dangerous, the fibers from which it’s made of, have proven to be very useful. The long miner crystals, from which asbestos is made, are doing a great job in absorbing sound, they are completely fire resistant, don’t conduct electricity or heat.

At first glance, asbestos seemed like a perfect solutions for the construction industry, both residential and commercial. But as time passed by, and we started gathering more and more information, we’ve also learned that this substance can be incredibly dangerous especially if it becomes airborne.

The tinny little fibers become airborne, they can easily enter your system through your lungs or skin. And once they start building up, they can cause scar tissue. The symptoms of asbestos exposure might not be visible right away, but long-term exposure can lead to lung disease, genetic damage and even cancer. So it’s important that your approach towards asbestos removal is serious and professional.

Asbestos was initially incorporated into many construction projects, both commercial and residentials. It was used in manufacturing fireproof coatings, cement and concrete, pipes, drywall, flooring and so on. It really had a wide range of applications, which made it ideal.

What Safety Precautions You Mush Exercise For Asbestos Removal?

Even though asbestos was a very popular construction material in the 70s, the EPA decided to take some measures in order limit its use. So as of 1986, asbestos was banned for being used in many products. Then the government passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act, which outlines different places where asbestos can become friable, airborne and become a high risk to people.

Long exposure to asbestos is having detrimental effects on your health and it is considered to be the #1 cause of mesothelioma cancer. Furthermore, long term exposure to asbestos also increases the risk of other types of cancers and well as severe pulmonary diseases.

In order to successfully conduct asbestos removal from your home or commercial space, the technicians need to wear the proper protective gear, not only to protect themselves, but to also protect the environment. Asbestos removal is not something you should even attempt on your own. Ever. You need to have the right equipment, tools, knowledge and experience. So if you’re not sure whether you home or office has asbestos, make sure to contact us so we could test your facilities for it and do asbestos removal if necessary.

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