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Air Duct Cleaning – How does it work

air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning Explained

Performing good quality air duct cleaning in your home is crucial for the health of you and your family.

Poor indoor quality can lead to air pollution, mold growth and all sorts of health problems.

When you clean the HVAC system, made from components of forced air system, you’re doing air duct cleaning.

You can perform it at any time, not just when you sense contamination in the room.

Maintain a cleaning schedule for air ducts as numerous components require regular cleaning.

  • Grillers
  • Diffusers
  • Air ducts, both on the supply and return air
  • Fans and fan housing
  • Heat exchangers

In order for the HVAC system to operate properly all these components have to be operating correctly.

Depending on the frequency of use, dust, pollen and other contaminant particles can contaminate the system.

Mold can easily develop in the air ducts if there is excess moisture in the air of your home.

Specifics of dirty Ducting and the Cleaning Process

If a professional air duct cleaning service recommends cleaning, don’t postpone it.

It’s better to have a properly functioning cooling/heating system and to avoid potential damage.

To reduce air duct contamination and minimize the need for frequent cleaning, take the following steps.

  • Install high-efficiency air filters if your heating and cooling system uses them.
  • Replace the filters regularly.
  • Ensure you install the filters correctly and check for any gaps near the holder.
  • When cleaning the cooling and heating system, check the cooling pans an draining pipes
  • If you’re doing renovation in your home, make sure that you seal the return and supply registers.

Maintaining good air quality at home is crucial.

A contaminated air duct system can endanger your family’s health, especially with mold present.

Mold spores can spread through air circulation, potentially causing infestation in other areas of your home.

In such cases, mold removal and remediation become necessary.

When is air duct cleaning required?

In order to check if mold deposits have collected in the air ducts a professional service does a visual inspection.

If there isn’t any, you can skip the testing. Sometimes, the return registers might have some dust particles on it.

If the vents are clean, then you only need to wash the register, not the entire air duct system.

If you or a family member show allergy symptoms related to indoor pollution, consult a medical professional.

They can help you to determine the cause and consider air duct cleaning if necessary.

You need to clean the air ducts, especially if you discover any bugs in them.

If your home is already moldy, contaminated with asbestos or dust and you’d like help, call ASAP Restoration today!