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About The Owner

Joshua Rudin was born and raised in Manlius, New York, a small village outside of Syracuse, to parents who instilled an unshakeable sense of integrity in him. Joshua’s father, Stan and mother Terri, a successful attorney, and an over-educated registered nurse respectively, set the foundation for Joshua’s future and put him on a path of community service. 

Early on, Joshua knew that he would devote his life towards helping others, and initially he spent his education at Cornell University’s prestigious Hotel School studying hospitality before transferring to Syracuse University to continue earning his Bachelor of Science in Management. 

After successfully owning and running food service establishments for years, Joshua realized that it wasn’t fulfilling him any longer. At this point he decided to stop helping people find their favorite food so he could concentrate on something more meaningful. 

It was at this point in April of 2008 that Joshua realized he wanted to be the person that people trust for everything they need when disaster strikes their home or business. This is when ASAP Restoration LLC, was born! 

“I realized that I wanted to help people during their time of need, but also to experience new and challenging situations daily while working, and that’s when I knew that ASAP Restoration LLC, was what I was meant to do” Joshua says. 

During the early days of ASAP Restoration LLC, Joshua was a one-man operation with a very full home garage filled with materials, supplies, and equipment. It wasn’t long after gaining a reputation for providing clients with only the best work and service that Joshua decided to expand operations beyond his home garage and into Tempe where the company still resides today. 

That small one-man show may have turned into a successful company with many employees, but the spirit of why Joshua started this business has never diminished. 

“I take a lot of pride in the quality of our work, and in giving our customers their peace of mind back during tough times. There’s nothing quite like seeing a customer’s face when they get to enjoy their home again after we’re finished with a restoration” says Joshua. 

One of the things that still sets ASAP Restoration LLC, apart from the competition is Joshua’s unwavering commitment to customer service and satisfaction.  

“Even if we have finished with the job, we are always here to talk with our customers. Whether it be a question, concern, or they just want a copy of old paperwork, we’re here 24/7/365 to help!” Joshua explains. 

Part of providing residents and business owners with peace of mind is knowing that when they hire ASAP Restoration LLC, they are getting someone they can trust. 

“This is also why we don’t pay referral fees or commissions. Our high-quality work stands for itself, and we are committed to ethics and integrity for all the projects we take on, big or small. We never cut corners, and we are always in total compliance with the appropriate codes and regulations wherever we work” he relates. 

When Joshua isn’t helping valley residents and businesses with disaster restorations, or walking the family mini Golden Doodle Porche, or mini Dachshund Otis, he’s a family man dedicated to spending quality time his wife Kim, two children Noah and Ava.

Joshua Rudin - owner & author

“For over 25 years, our main focus has been delivering high quality work with exceptional customer service! To achieve this successfully, we’ve invested heavily in training, certification and continuing education. My team and I pride ourselves on quality, honesty, and integrity, which is the standard we hold each other accountable to!”

Joshua Rudin 
Owner, ASAP Restoration