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8 Reasons to Hire a Licensed and Insured Damage Restoration Company

Water Flooding Under Doorway

Homeowners rely on our team of professionals because we are licensed and insured. Our homes face various risks, and some dangers are unavoidable. The EPA states that molds can grow on wet surfaces inside homes, triggered by changes in temperature. This is  due to climate and weather conditions. Extreme weather fluctuations may lead to mold growth.

However, not all damage restoration companies are the same. Some are legitimate, registered, and licensed, while others are not.

Before you hire a contractor, do your research. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should only hire a licensed and insured damage restoration contractor:

A licensed contractor is certified.

Apart from holding a current ROC license, a licensed contractor also has certifications granted by reputable institutions. These institutions are organizations such as The Clean Trust and Restoration Industry Association. These industry leaders award certifications to companies who have met the standards they set. If your contractor has these certifications, you are likely working with someone who knows how to do the job. You are in good hands.

A licensed contractor has enough industry experience.

Companies with sufficient industry experience receive licenses. Other than that, the company should also have good track record during these years. Therefore, hiring a licensed contractor means working with a company with enough and satisfactory experience in the industry. The contractor knows what to do and is capable of handling your project really well.

A licensed contractor renders services that meet standards.

When hiring a contractor, prioritize standards. Ensure the damage restoration company you choose adheres to legal standards. Legitimate restoration companies guarantee proper training for their staff to meet these standards.

A licensed insured contractor will remain until they complete the project.

We have already heard of lots of horror stories about damage restoration contractors who ran away after receiving cash. Some individuals simply vanish, even before the project reaches completion. You can get rid of all these possibilities if you hire a licensed contractor. A licensed contractor must always adhere to the law, or they risk forfeiting their license. Licensed contractors also issue official receipts and other important documents, making each transaction documented. With all these papers, they cannot simply vanish with your money.

Working with a licensed insured contractor ensures the protection of your property.

You won’t just let anyone touch your home, will you? When you let someone work on your home’s restoration, you are entrusting your property to that person. You also know that in the course of the project, lots of things may happen including mishaps. Protecting your property also includes protecting your belongings from mold contamination too.

Having a licensed insured contractor ensures you won’t encounter any trouble.

Will you be accountable to the injured person? Well, that should not be an issue in the first place. If your damage restoration company is legitimate, it will be very careful to avoid any accident. If something goes wrong, however, you won’t have a headache thinking about who the accountable one is. The company has insurance, after all. Its insurance covers general liability, worker’s compensation, and contractor’s pollution liability.

Working with a licensed and insured contractor frees your mind from worries.

Working with a damage restoration company without license and insurance can be worrisome. First of all, you are not sure about the company’s legitimacy.  Also, you cannot tell whether the company has good records in their past projects. Everything is unclear. So, to avoid having to worry about things, just hire a legitimate damage restoration contractor with license and insurance.

You will have a safer and a better home.

A licensed and insured damage restoration company has everything that it takes to be an effective contractor. Legitimate contractors are also very professional. Dealing with them is a breeze. You won’t even have to worry about misunderstandings that usually cause mistakes and delays in restoration projects.

Restoring your home strengthens it post-damage. Prioritize this process before it becomes too late. Trust only licensed and insured damage restoration companies.

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