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4 Unusual Places in Your Home Where Mold Hides

Mold can be very sneaky (which is why it’s important to call professionals). They can thrive in every nook and cranny that is damp, moist or wet. It is typical for mold to show up in basements or behind drywall, but what isn’t is that it also appears in unexpected areas of your house—from the chimney to your washing machine—making it more difficult to detect and wipe out.

To prevent or remove mold, search out the following hiding spots where mold loves to proliferate:

Hideout 1: Chimneys

Crevices between bricks collect dirt, water, and other organic debris. Lots of moisture plus heaps of food encourage mold to thrive. The culprits here are usually the faulty flashing and rusted chimney caps. Once you have remedied the sources of the problem, make sure you contact a chimney sweeper for a thorough cleaning. It is as they say, “prevention is the best remedy.” It’s cheaper, too.

On the other hand, if mold did start to grow, call a mold removal professional right away to eliminate the unsightly mold properly.

Hideout 2: Drip Pans under the Fridge

Refrigerator drip pans are hardly noticeable. They collect spills and moisture from your fridge, which make them a perfect place for mold growth. To ensure that mold does not grow, it is important to make cleaning the drip pans part of your deep cleaning ritual. An effective mold removal solution is a mixture of a cup of water and a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide. Spray this on the pan, then wipe it clean with a cloth soaked in white vinegar to remove mold. You should also have the floor beneath it cleaned.

Hideout 3: AC units

An air conditioning unit’s filter is a great source of dust and pollen—things mold love to munch. In addition, AC units absorb moisture. So if you don’t run it frequently, especially on warm days, humidity increases, encouraging mold growth in the AC drain pans, ducts, and coils. If mold has infested your central AC unit, you will need to contact a mold removal expert to clean out your system.

However, if you spot mold in a window air conditioning unit, you have the option to handle the mold removal yourself. First, you have to remove the front plate. Then, using a HEPA filter vacuum, clean the blower. The drain pan should be cleaned with a mold solution (one part bleach and one part water.)

Hideout 4: Front-Loading Washers

A front-loading washer’s gasket often stays wet because the door is kept closed even after it’s been used. What’s more, washing machines harbor lint, making it a great breeding ground for mold. Luckily, simply maintaining your front-loader washing machine dry should keep mold at bay. After doing laundry, make sure to wipe its gasket and glass dry. If you see mold starting to grow, run a hot water wash with chlorine bleach and no clothes. Doing so should kill the nasty fungi.

If you’re wondering how to remove mold in other areas of your home, call ASAP Restoration for mold removal information or assistance. We’re happy to help!

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