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3 Ways to Protect Your Windows During Storm Season

protect your windows during monsoon season in Arizona

We’re all too familiar with monsoon season in Arizona when the weather can get pretty hectic very fast. It’s very usual for Arizona. But just because it’s usual doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your windows and your entire home from possible water damage or storm damage.

During monsoon season, your house can sustain some pretty serious property damage, whether it’s done to your roof, windows or other parts of the house. All these, could make your home exposed to possible water damage which can then easily lead to mold infestation, damage to your flooring or furniture and heath risk for you and your family.

Today, we are sharing some good tips and advice on how to prepare for your next monsoon season.

How to protect windows during monsoon season?

Have shutters installed

When you install you window shutters, you are permanently attaching them to you home. Alternatively, people have used plywood instead but that is too heavy and it has to be installed every season. It’s just too much work. Shutters protect your windows in many ways and they offer some key benefits:

  • You can easily pull them down before the storm hits
  • There are multiple designs you can choose from, raging from accordion style to fold up styles
  • Shutters can be made in a way that they don’t block the natural light entering your house
  • They can be made from aluminum, reinforced fabric or even foal wrapped in aluminum
  • They can be costly but it’s a good investment in the long run
  • You can hire someone to install them for you if you don’t know how

Special stormproof windows

During monsoon season in Arizona, wind can reach velocity up to 30mph which can raise dust up to 3000ft. Another way you could protect your windows is to install special stormproof windows. They are designed to sustain heavy winds so you can rest assured that both your windows and home interior are protected.

  • These types of windows are usually made of two panels made from tempered glass
  • They can be more expensive than traditional windows, but it’s an investment that will pay off in time
  • They don’t affect the appearance of your home. You can barely tell the difference from traditional windows
  • If you have stormproof windows, you don’t have to worry about shutters or boards

Protect your windows with plywood

The least expensive, thus most common method to protect your windows, is to simply board them up with plywood. This process has to be done every storm season, so it’s good to know when that is in your area. Monsoon season in Arizona start in July and last until the end of September. If you plan to protect your windows this way, then you should probably know that:

  • Plywood is cost effective
  • You can purchase it at a lumber yard or hardware stores
  • When installing, make sure that you use heavy-duty anchors and screws. This should hold the plywood in place
  • Make sure that you install the plywood before the storm hits
  • Since these are full boards, you won’t get any natural light in your home

Once the storm has passed, you should do a thorough inspection of your home, looking for possible water damage. So, make sure that you check your basement, attic and every room in the house. If you notice water damage or mold that’s starting to grow, contact us right away so we could evaluate the damage and help you restore it.

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