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Asbestos Removal – A Deadly Job

asbestos removal gear

There are many dangerous and even deadly jobs in the world. Asbestos removal or abatement is one of them. Exposure to asbestos can be dangerous not only for you or your family, but also for the asbestos removal technicians. You will often see technicians wearing protective gear such as face masks, shoe covers, respirators, hard […]

Risk of Mold Infestation in Arizona

Mold testing and removal service

Despite Arizona’s hot desert climate with low humidity, the risk of mold infestation remains. Black mold in Arizona and mildew can form when the right conditions, including location, humidity, and temperature, come together. Mold spores are present in every household, being a natural part of air and dust. Once spores find the ideal conditions, preventing […]

The Unknown Dangers of Smoke Damage

smoke damage

The Many Dangers of Smoke Damage Fires are one of the most devastating forces that can hit a home. In fact, millions of Americans experience some form of fire every single year. After an individual goes through a fire, a lot of problems can begin to surface. One of the biggest challenges a person will […]

Mold in Air Ducts: Everything You Need to Know

Mold Damaged Wall

Knowing Everything About Mold In Air ducting Awareness regarding mold in air ducts has become a hot topic, and here is everything you need to know.  So it’s pretty much common knowledge now that black mold, in particular, is toxic. Its effects on people exposed to it vary from mild to severe symptoms. Also, its […]