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Dealing With Flood and Water Damage

Effects of storm damage

Dealing with flood and water damage will be one of the  biggest challenges your home may encounter. Having water in unwanted places can cause a lot of trouble and damage both to health and property. Floodwater in any house area creates an ideal mold breeding ground and may carry life-threatening chemicals and bacteria. Do not […]

How to Find the Source of a Water Leak

Roof Leak Repair

Water may be life, but it can also damage buildings and homes. A water leak, for example, can lead to the formation of an extensive and potentially deadly mold colony. Water damage can warp floors, discolor otherwise beautiful paint or tile, and even invite pests into the home. Obviously, you want to hire top professionals, […]

How to Best Survive a Monsoon in Arizona

Emergency Water Damaged Living Room

Summer monsoon season is here and for the next three months it will rule the Arizona weather. These storms feature dazzling displays of lightning and powerful winds. These ferocious winds will rip off roofs and uproot trees. Ultimately the pounding rain will flood washes and sweep away cars and damage homes. What is the monsoon? […]

Phoenix Monsoon Season

Water Damage Insurance Claim

The Seasons of Phoenix Monsoons Phoenix, Arizona residents endure a heavy monsoon season and the water damage that comes with it. Arizona experiences more severe storms and rainy weather than other states. When a severe storm spawn a microburst the rainfall levels can be exponential. High winds, dust and severe downpours result in flash flooding […]

What Happens During a Mold Remediation?

Mold Damaged Drywall

Mold, in general, is not dangerous, however it can be when it proliferates and/or produce toxins. But did you know that you do not always need to call a remediation contractor when you spot mold in your home? According to EPA or the Environment Protection Agency, a homeowner can handle the mold remediation process themselves if the mold is not more than 10 square feet.

Monsoon Season Can Cause Storm Damage in Phoenix

Monsoon Season House Damage

Monsoon season in Arizona, typically from June to September, brings intense storms and heavy rainfall. These storms are crucial for replenishing water sources and mitigating the arid climate. However, they also pose significant challenges, including flash floods, property damage, and the risk of mold growth. During monsoon season, Arizona faces challenges such as flash floods, […]

Is Your Home Beyond Fire Damage Repair?

smoke damaged home after a fire

HOMEs BEYOND FIRE DAMAGE REPAIR Thousands of homes catch fire every year. No matter how it starts, flames spread quickly and can cause severe property damage. Fire damage repair has different approaches for different burns. There is smoke damage repair and flame damage repair, and each repair will have your home looking good as new. […]

Asbestos 101: Is Removal the Best Option?

asbestos exposure

Although there might be a chance that asbestos may be present in many materials found in your home, it is actually not of concern so long as it is maintained in an undamaged state. Otherwise, it may trigger health issues.

When to Call the Water Restoration Company

Are you unsure about when to call a water restoration company? Water damage can be costly. However, damages from flooding can also be dangerous. You do not want to put yourself or your family at risk for injury, so hiring a professional water restoration company, even just to survey initial damages, is always a good […]

Get Rid of Mold on Walls

mold elimination in homes

Mold on walls should not be a cause of panic. Indeed, mold can be a health threat and structural hazard, but as long as you know how to remove mold from walls, you’ll be all right. Mold-infested walls are usually easy to treat. If the infested wall is non-porous, you can easily remove the mold with a wet cloth and/or a mold-killing solution. If it is porous, however, it is likely that you will have to cut away the mold-infested area and replace it.