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How Do We Restore After Water Damage & How Long Does It Take?

water damage Paradise Valley

How Restorations Work and How Long They Take After you have experienced water damage in your Tempe home, it can be a very confusing time that requires professional restoration. If you have never dealt with anything like this before you are probably just thinking all you have to do is dry up the water. In […]

Can I Paint Over Mold In My Arizona Home?

Mold Damaged Drywall

Mold in a home is a significant issue, and this is why it’s best to not paint over it. Dealing with mold can be confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing. Simply covering it up, like painting over mold in Tempe, won’t fix the underlying issue. It can still spread, causing infestation and sickness […]

What To Do If Your House Floods

Water Damage Insurance Claim

Knowing What To Do During A Flood in Your House Our team at ASAP Restoration knows that sometimes people don’t know what to do with a house flood and they have water damage.  Not only is your life at risk once your house floods but your property is also at great risk. The damage water […]

Water Damage Restoration Process In Tempe

Emergency Water Damaged Living Room

Water damage can be heartbreaking for Tempe residents, causing costly events and significant financial losses. Repairing furniture and replacing water-degraded household items can have a substantial impact. The mold it causes is devastating and hazardous to health. At ASAP Restoration, we strive to inform you on what to do and how to prevent it. We […]