Basement Mold – Can it make you sick?

basement mold

Every household or commercial space owner is dreading from a mold infestation. It can be a real nightmare which can cause all sorts of infections and can have a serious impact on your health. According to some data, there are over 4.6 million cases of asthma which are related to mold infestation and dampness in […]

Sewage Backup in Mesa – Cleanup, Sanitization and Removal

sewage backup in Mesa

Cleanup of sewage backup in Mesa can become necessary in your home or commercial space for a number of reasons. One of them could be flooding. During flooding, the nasty water that fills up your home, could have different types of contaminants, including sewage water and deposits. The other reason could be damaged pipes or […]

Reconstruction after water damage

reconstruction after water damage

If your home or commercial space was affected by water damage or fire damage, the mess that is left behind is not an everyday cleaning task. Quite often, the damage done can seriously impact your property’s structural integrity and not all signs of damage are visible at once. In order to do a proper clean-up […]

Removing smoke odor from your home

removing smoke odor from you home

If you had a small fire in your kitchen recently or the Christmas light caught fire and you have smoke odor inside your home, you will need help with removing it. Today we will discuss the main steps in removing smoke odor from your home and how can do it effectively. Before we dive in, […]