Smoke and soot restoration – what you need to know

smoke and soot restoration

What steps does smoke and soot restoration include? There aren’t many devastating experiences that can affect your home that are as terrifying and destructive like fire damage. Flames have the power not to only destroy your possessions and memories, but they can also severely damage your home and its structural integrity. Once the fire is […]

Asbestos Removal – A Deadly Job

asbestos removal - a deadly job

There are many dangerous and even deadly jobs in the world. Asbestos removal or abatement is one of them. Exposure to asbestos can be dangerous not only for you or your family, but also for the asbestos removal technicians. You will often see technicians wearing protective gear such as face masks, shoe covers, respirators, hard […]

3 Ways to Protect Your Windows During Storm Season

protect your windows during monsoon season in Arizona

We’re all too familiar with monsoon season in Arizona when the weather can get pretty hectic very fast. It’s very usual for Arizona. But just because it’s usual doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t protect your windows and your entire home from possible water damage or storm damage. During monsoon season, your house can sustain some […]

Mold infestation and mold – 19 Interesting facts

interesting facts about mold infestation

You’ve probably learned about mold during your science class and about the most popular one called Penicillium. One of the world’s most famous antibiotic derives from that mold. We’ve all seen green mold or fuzzy mold on our bread, fruit or some other type of food. But how many of us have actually seen mold […]